Contract Employee Placement

This option allows the client to evaluate talent and determine whether or not a candidate “fits” into their specific situation/environment before making a vested commitment. This stream-lines and minimizes costs associated with recruiting and removes the burden of Workers Compensation, unemployment, and pay-roll taxes until the client is confident the candidate is a perfect fit for the position.

Direct Hire Placement

We will advertise, recruit, screen, and test applicants for interview based on the client’s specific job requirements. Once the ideal candidate is identified by the employer a recruiting fee is applied. The employee will then start immediately on your company’s payroll.

Project Employees

Do you have a short or long term project that requires additional skilled trades work force? Whether it be a large or small project, we are able to provide seasoned trades workers for any duration.

Customizable Work-place Solutions

We can offer long-term solutions to your skilled trades challenges such as internships, training programs, team evaluations, and skills development.